Thursday, 2 August 2012

What feels like forever

Hi guys and dolls, 

Firstly please accept my millions of apologies for not posting any new content in what feels like forever. I've been super busy with so much it's sometimes hard to sit and centralise yourself. 
Just lately it's felt like I've been spinning so fast I'm forgetting to stop and smell the flowers, y'know? Well anyway. To apologise and make up for my absence I thought I'd update you on what I feel are the more important events and news from my humdrum life. 
So. Since the last time I popped my head into the world of blogs...

  • The Olympics came to England (London 2012, woo!) and I've surprised myself by becoming obsessed with it! Beach volley ball to be precise - if you've watched and heard the dude with the Spanish trumpet, yes that was the beginning of the obsession.
  • We've invested in an iPad. Which I'm using to construct this very blog post. When I say "we" I mean Rob and I purchased together, yet iPaddy lives with me and has only been used by Rob once. 
  • I have worked my socks off with plenty of overtime chucked in to be able to afford said iPaddy
  • We've booked a holiday cottage down in Devon. Super duper excited for this because not only do we get away for a whole week and get to do all those couple things we don't get to do so much of during term time (dating a primary school teacher can have it's downers) the cottage also had wifi which means while Rob surfs, Hannah can blog on the beach. Voila. 
I am pretty sure there's a lot more that's transpired in my absence, but right now they're all that has popped to mind. I'm still very new to creating blog posts with the iPad - I'm not altogether sure if it's possible to upload photos and whatnot via iPad but if there is I'm sure I'll figure it out in time. Please bare with :) 

I guess the purpose of this post was to reassure you that I'm still here. And I have plenty of plans for some posts when I have the time to construct them in a lovingly and beautiful way which you deserve. Afterall, you're kind and wonderful enough to stumble upon It's A Blissful Life and take a peek. The best I can do is try to make that click worth while.
I'm thinking DIY personalised tote bag (so many ideas for this I think you guys will LOVE), recipes for jams, tips on foraging and of course a fair few iPad and iPhone apps and book corners! 

I hope you're all enjoying your Summer and get behind your country at the Olympics. If you're not so into sports, take my advice and just check out the beach volley ball. If anything the comedy moustache wearing guy with the trumpet will put a smile on your face and cheering for nothing in your living room. 

Lots of summertastic love, 

H xoxo

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