Friday, 1 June 2012

First Things First.

Welcome to It's a Blissful Life blog! 

I'm pretty new to this, so if we set off shaky and need to change tracks, bare with me. I'm finding my footing amongst the wonderful world of blogging. 
I have a million ideas for this blog, and it's taken my so long to get on with it and just put a post out there. 
But first things first. Let me introduce myself.

First name, Hannah. Second name, Bliss. 

Bliss by name, Bliss by nature. 

I have many hobbies; stitching, sewing, crafting, cooking, reading, writing and going on as many adventures as my bank account allows.

I fall in love at least once a day. And not necessarily with people. I of course love a number of people I'm lucky enough to share my life with, and no doubt they'll be a regular feature in this here blog.
But as I've said, it's not just people. My infatuation could one day be a book, a poem, a song. Some fabric, wool or an amazing scrap of vintage ribbon I picked up from a market in France and refuse to part with. I love a lot of things, and once I love - I love forever. My grandma always said I must have a big heart for all the loves in my life.

So here's to the first post in what hopes to be a lovely blog about an English girl and her many loves.

I hope you enjoy the adventure as I much as I will. 


H xoxo
Finding my way.

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