Saturday, 2 June 2012

Instagram Love

I'm not a photographer. I don't claim myself to be one, even an amateur. But I do love taking photos, and my new years resolution was to take more photos and keep them in a journal, scrapbook, frames or a photo album. 

It's June and I am yet to fulfill this resolution once.

I take lots of photos, I just don't display them. I take them on my little digital camera, my phone and my darling beau has just bought me a vintage polaroid which I plan to use A LOT this summer.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to share my love of an iPhone app that I use to take and edit my day-to-day photos. I'm a big lover of instagram, and if I'm not posting photos of my feet, food, self or snapshot of an adventure, I'm sifting through photos of people I follow. 

Here are a few photos I've shared on Instagram. 

I like to mix apps together. I'm quite fond of using different effects and filters from a number of apps. 
The bottom right photo - the twinkly one of my feet (a regular on my account I must admit, a little obsessed with the #fromwhereistand hash tag)
is a mix of two apps. Vintage Cam (a freebie!) and instagram.
It created the cute sparkles, and the instagram filter mixed the green of my tights into the frame, creating a dark green/fawn colour. Lush!
Date night photos make a regular appearance on my account, as well! The man in the bottom left photo is my boyfriend, Rob. He's my diamond. We spend a lot of time together and go on many many adventures together so he features in my photos and will in my blog in a big way. 
Like I said in my first post: once I'm in love, I'm in love forever. And he is definitely a keeper. 
Back to the photos! Top left was a really fun, last minute spontaneous date night. Dinner and bowling. Mixed filters with this one - Instagram and PicStitch. The app I use to join my darling photographs. 

I'm still playing with apps and whatnot, and have just recently downloaded IncrediBooth for amazingly fun photo booth type pictures, and VSCO CAM which I'm still playing with. 

I'll keep sharing my favourite instagram posts with you - it's been really fun editing and picking my faves! If you're on Instagram and want to take a peek or maybe even give me a follow my user is misshbliss! 

Happy Saturday, 

H xoxo

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