Monday, 18 June 2012

VSCO Cam Love

It's no secret I'm an iPhone user and lover. Being a former BlackBerry user it was a tough transition, but so worth it! The apps are simply amazing, and keep me wondering how on earth I survived without them. 
I've already blogged about my favourite app, Instagram, which you can read here, and recently I've discovered VSCO Cam; another photography app which I lovelovelove. I thought I'd share some of the photos I've taken with this trusty little app. 

Above one of the first photos taken with VSCO. I posted it on Instagram to kickstart my little exploration - and to show off my newly threaded (ouch!) eyebrows. I love that there are so many options and tools to use to edit each image. Sometimes the smallest effect change and create the biggest impact. 

These little bow shoes are so old. I picked them up for something like £5 from ASDA at least 3 years ago, and I'm ashamed to say they were plonked in the bottom of the wardrobe for most of that time. 
Recently whilst attempting to tackle the big task of sorting through shoes - I wasn't very successful by the way - I re-discovered them and wore them with everything. I decided to share with you the beauty of these bad boys with my wonderful new app. 
You have the option to change so much; Fade, Grain, Contrast, Temperature, Fill, Exposure, Vignette, Saturation, and Highlights are all tools to help you tweak and perfect your images. All in the palm of your hand with the photos you take on the go. Genius!

This spring/summer season my Mom has gone home-grown mad. We consume a lot of fruit in this house. My favourites are raspberries and strawberries, and my Mom is crazy about blueberries. 
This does help with my Skinny-For-Summer Mission that you can read about here, however it doesn't help the bank balance so much - fruit can be expensive when scoffed in bulk! 
Here are some images of the fruits of my Mom's gardening labour. Pun totally intended.

VSCO Cam is £1.49 from the Apple App Store and I totally approve and recommend it. I've had so much fun snapping away and playing with pictures of my everyday life. You can take photos directly with the app, or upload photos from your photo album. So you can easily play around with your old photos and give them a brand new sparkle! 

Much like this one of my sister cuddling up to our very giant house cat, Patrick. 
I think he's part wild-cat. He's much too big to be a simple house cat. Plus he has this habit of hunting small animals and eating them. Not bringing them as presents, as some cats do. Eating. 
I love this photo, even if my sister did force me to crop out her head. It's just so adorable and the colour editing really enabled me to warm the temperature up a bit. It's got such an ethereal warm glow about it. 

As I've said before, I'm not a photographer and don't claim myself to be one. I simply enjoy snapping little moments and I like to look at pretty things. I'm always on the look out for apps to enhance my photos, or just to make them more fun! 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing just a few of my favourite photos I've tinkered with using VSCO Cam. It's been really fun picking which to share with you. I'm pretty sure more VSCO Cam pictures will be making an appearance on this blog. 
And now it's time to sit back with a book, a cup of tea, an old love-note for a bookmark and to wile away the evening.

So much love, 

H xoxo

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  1. I switch from being an andriod user to an iphone and I love it too! I love instagram as well :)