Monday, 18 June 2012

Run, Hannah, Run!

Let me just start this post with the statement that I am no way implying that being a size 8/10/12 (depending if we're talking top half or bottom half, and where exactly I'm shopping) is fat, large or unacceptable. 
That said, I am not happy with my figure. It's a personal thing, not a statement for how I see other ladies with my form. 
So I've been unhappy with myself for a while, and I figured there's plenty of things I cannot change which is frustrating enough, so why on earth am I whining about something that I can?!
So I got myself some running shoes a few weeks ago (see above). Snazzy, right? I'm going to step class, zumba class, using my Mom's step machine, jogging with my dad AND geeking up on healthy foods and not-so-healthy foods. I've also downloaded the MyFitness App for my iPhone so I can track just how many calories I'm scoffing.

I'm all about shedding some wobble and fitness this season. Let's do this! Wish me luck!

Lots of lovelovelove,

H xoxo

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